The National Museum of Cambodia is dedicated to acquiring, protecting, preserving and interpreting Cambodia’s art and archaeological collections. As a major national cultural institution, the museum has a responsibility to assist and develop other museums in the country, and to carry out and promote cultural heritage protection activities. The NMC plays an important role in museum, collection management and cultural heritage activities in Cambodia.

The NMC has had a turbulent history, and still faces significant challenges today. The museum lacks adequate funding, resources and equipment, as well as trained museum professionals, and the facilities and funds to build staff capacity. Without external support, the museum faces a very difficult task.

Ongoing support is vital to ensure the continuation of the NMC’s important work. Donations can be made directly to the museum through the donation boxes located near the museum entrance. To donate equipment or assist with museum projects or larger donations, please contact the museum on We also urge you to support other cultural heritage organisations in Cambodia, such as Friends of Khmer Culture Inc. (FOKCI) and HeritageWatch.

In the past, the Museum has been supported by a number of generous individuals and organisations. We would particularly like to acknowledge and sincerely thank the following contributors:

Leon Levy Foundation
Getty Conservation Institute
Friends of Khmer Culture Inc.
Japanese Government
Bickford Family Trust

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